Loving Out Loud

I was so grateful to be able to share Valentine’s Day with my kids this year and not in a hospital room, hoping the day was as special for them as I would have made it.  They woke up to a curtain of love, a tradition which we started last year, and they were so adorably excited to see their names on the hearts, proclaiming how special they are.  Jax read all the ones he could reach to Em and was just as excited as she was for the ones that were hers specifically.  Starting off the day with an exclamation that We Love You! and letting it go from there.

JDubbs and I make the curtain together every year, and it’s so great to take a moment to consider all the reasons why our kids are so wonderful and why we love them so much.

And the kids really loving hearing us say it.  My thought is that you never really mess up your kids by telling them you love them too much.  Make them a  little self-centered, maybe, but I definitely point out their shortcomings, too.  I just try to spend more time focusing on their sweetness rather than their devilishness.  If it makes them a bit spoiled, I guess that’s a good problem to have later.

Teaching them to love out loud.

The kids went off to school to hand out sweet out-of-the-box Valentines to their friends and handmade Valentines for their teachers.  They were so happy to share the love with those that mean a lot to them–from grandparents and cousins to classmates; it feels so good to teach them to love.  Especially each other.

If that’s all we teach them, I will still feel as though we did our jobs as parents.  Teaching them to love without fear, without embarrassment, without hesitation.  I couldn’t really ask for more for my kids than that, and we’ll figure out the rest as we go along.

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