Spelling Treasure Hunt

Found a great way to play and learn while Mama stays somewhat sedentary here at Little Family Fun; keep the fun coming this winter with a spelling treasure hunt!

So all I did was bust out those alphabet magnets we all have hanging around one afternoon.  It was just me and Em while Daddy and Jax were skiing and I took the opportunity to do a little literacy work without a certain know-it-all four-year-old sharing his infinite wisdom.  I have worked minimally with Em on her phonics–she’s not really interested–but the lure of a treasure hunt was enough to perk her ears up and get her moving!

Basically I would worth with her to decode a very simple word, like “dog” or “car,” and then tell her to go run and find an example of the word.  For the word “dog,” she didn’t have to go too far to find one!

Baxter’s such a good boy.

Then I tried other words she might recognize, like “book.”  I chose words I knew had many examples handy in the house, and she had as much fun choosing which car or book she wanted to bring back to me as she did running around looking for them.

Then JDubbs and Jax came home and big brother joined in.

And to change it up, I tried different tactics like just putting down a color and they had to go find me something that color, or a number and they had to interpret that as they would.  Like these treasures for the number 5:

A little insight into their personalities, I guess.

So enjoy another example of how to keep kids simply busy while we count down the days until spring, or if you’re like me and need something fun to do while staying relatively stationary, this is a huge hit!

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