St. Patrick’s Day Craft Ideas

Last year I really got into celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with Jax, and tried to brighten up the end of winter with some color.  This year I thought I would take a moment to remind you of all the fabulous rainbow-inspired St. Patty’s Day activities that we did in case you are new here or have older kids who perhaps weren’t ready for this kind of fun last year.  So here is a glimpse into the madness, and you can find the links below.

1.  Painting Rainbows With Cars

2.  Rainbow Handprints

3.  Roll-A-Rainbow Game

4.  Sorting Rainbows

5.  Rainbow Scavenger Hunt

6.  Counting On Rainbows Learning Game

7.  Painting Rainbows With Marbles

8.  Painting Rainbows With Pencil Erasers

9.  Shamrock Wand

 We’ll see if I have my act together to create anything new this year!  Maybe with a little help from family and friends!

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