A Tea Party For Emmy

This year I kept it fairly simple for Em’s family birthday party, but the notion of having a tea party for her and her friends as a birthday celebration had been tickling my fancy all winter.  I decided to have the kids over for a sunny, spring tea party outside, which I am pleased to say was an even bigger hit than I anticipated because both boys and girls love tea parties!

I put two plastic kids’ picnic tables next to each other and covered them with a purple vinyl tablecloth with a sparkly sheer fabric remnant from JoAnn Fabrics on top as a “table runner.”  Then I bought a few yards of ribbon and some scrap-booking butterfly decorations to create her fabulous birthday chair at the head of the table.  I also made her a matching pennant banner with her name on it, but somehow forget to photograph it!

On the table I reused the spray-painted Mason jars of flowers from her family party and some real silver and glass dishware to hold simple snacks like berries, sliced cucumbers, pretzels, and butterfly crackers with cheese that the kids could munch on while playing.  There were individual bubbles that I had purchased at Valentine’s Day and held onto across the table, plus necklaces, bracelets, and crowns for the kids to adorn themselves.

Our friends came dressed up in their “fancy” clothes–from a seersucker suit to ties borrowed from Daddy–it was an adorable hit!  And of course the mamas looked great, too.  I was so glad everyone got into the spirit of the party and used it as an excuse to dress up–we SAHMs don’t always have a chance to look fancy!

I also wanted to have something else for the kids on hand to do, so they wouldn’t get into too much mischief with all the breakable dishware around.  I filled our water table with beads and threw out a handful of pipe cleaners and the kids each made a decorative bubble wand!  It was great to have something to send them to do if they were getting underfoot, such as, “Jax, have you made a bubble wand yet?” and of course they would hurry over to see what it was all about.

After the kids had played  hard and were ready for lunch, I served peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with pink lemonade tea poured from a real glass teapot into china tea cups on paper doilies, much the kids’ delight!  The fact that the cups and saucers were real china  made it all the more special.  The kids were so careful and serious–they didn’t spill a drop or break one thing!

Not that it mattered because I got it all at Salvation Army for fifty cents a piece.  The kids brought them home as their favors, so I’m glad that none of them bit the dust, but I was sure to have a few extra to send home for younger siblings and in case of emergency.  None needed.  The kids were so darn cute!

 After the cupcakes for dessert I pulled out a tray full of bubble solution and the kids used their newly decorated bubble wands before they headed home.

It was a lovely day for all the kids who came, but mostly for my sweet little Em who loves all things girly!  I could not have hoped for a better time with a better group of friends.  What a wonderful day at a very special tea party!

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