Ideas For Celebrating Spring

We had so much fun making paper birds last week that I started looking for other ways that we have celebrated spring in the past, and look what I found!  I can’t wait to give these another go round, especially now that Em has such an artistic side:

1.  Cherry Blossom Soda Bottle Art

2.  Have A Reading Picnic

3.  Build Your Own Fairy Home

4.  Searching For Signs Of Spring

5.  Fingerprint Spring Flowers & Critters

6.  Fingerpaint Trees

7.  Footprint Butterflies

8.  Fingerprint Spring Birds

9.  Bird House & Feeder

10.  Egg Carton Ladybugs

11. Spring Thumbprint Art

12.  Watercolor Initials

13.  Leaf Prints

Since Baby H arrived, we haven’t had too much time for crafting, but as things settle down into more of a routine, moments like these will go back to being a priority.  I love simple, special activities that help me kids understand the world around them.  Plus our house is looking a little bare–I think it’s time I dusted off our fingerpaints and got crafty!  How about you?

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