Puzzle Treasure Hunt

So, my dynamic duo does more than fight crime and keep the peace in rural Vermont.  While solving mysteries they also take time to solve something else–puzzles!

I knew this idea would be perfect for one of those days when the baby needed my attention more than the kids would like.  Since all things hide and seek are very high on Jax and Em’s list of Super Fun Ways of Playing Nicely Together, they loved the idea and we ended up playing this for about an hour.  Basically, you take a puzzle (in this case, I chose one with twenty large, colorful pieces that would be easy to spot) and hide the pieces all around your house.  Then the kids get to go on a treasure hunt for the puzzle pieces, bringing them back to a central spot to be assembled.

They know the treasure hunt is over when they have all the pieces to the puzzle!

Supersmart superkids!  Job well done!

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