Three Times A Princess

With a seven-week-old in the house, I was afraid I wouldn’t find the time or energy to celebrate Em’s birthday in the proper fashion like I have in the past.  However I had prepared a bit ahead of time–what else to do when in early labor than contemplate three-year-old birthday parties?–and so when the day came, I was content that I had done my best to shower my girl with the love and the attention she deserves.

First, on her actual birthday, we had a small family affair at home with cake and presents.  There is nothing like a little girl with a princess birthday cake.  Her eyes literally shone.

And then that weekend we celebrated with immediate family with another princess party, this time with a little more flair.

Her aunts and cousins from Massachusetts came up and we all celebrated with lots of family fun and yummy food.  Christian and Erika, who are 12 and 11, respectively, were the main attraction and Jax and Em simply could not get enough of them.  They are such wonderful kids.

I even got a cousin photo–with Baby Hannah adding a touch of personality to the shot, of course!

And then we had cake–which Jason had to run out and buy five minutes before because there was a bit of miscommunication about how the cake was getting there–and Em was so happy.  Cakes and crowns will do that to a girl.

A beautiful, sunshiny day for my girl.  What more could I ask?  I suppose a bow and arrows, plus a shiny new costume, wouldn’t hurt!

And then, after a costume change and the addition of a few accessories, the kids ended the day exploring the back of Auntie Amanda’s brand new truck in full regalia.

Happy birthday to my beautiful girl.  We love you so, and are in absolute wonder of you every day.  Thank you for being you.

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