Simply Busy: Pebble Art

I told Jax and Em to go hunt for some special stones and pebbles while I got the baby settled, and when they came back they had a wagon full of their favorites.  I should have been more specific about how they needed to be flat and small, but even the biggest ones found a job.

We pulled them out and on a piece of paper I took them one by one and changed them into animals or people, kind of like how you create pictures out of clouds.  They had a good time trying to guess what I was drawing as I went along.  Then I created a scene of my own: a garden with a butterfly and a sun.

photo 1

Em started drawing ON the rocks themselves and then starting drawing on herself, so I will chalk this up to a little beyond her creativity at this moment.  Jax was definitely into it and wanted to make an ant and its ant home.

photo 2

Actually, maybe it was an ant trap.  Either way, he had a whole scenario created from a pile of rocks.  We had fun from simple, every day things that helped Jax see the world in a different way.  If I can come up with more activities like this, maybe the summer won’t seem so daunting after all!

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