Disclaimer: We’re heading into busy photography season here at Rub Some Dirt On It and Rebecca Whitney Photography, so my posts may be a bit more spread apart than usual.  Just this past week I had four photo shoots in 8 days, and I was just hired to take some photos for Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center’s flu shot campaign (ironically, since the kids and I don’t get our flu shots, much to our doctors at DHMC’s annoyance).  I have to do four shoots and have the photos back to them by the 23rd, and have an unrelated responsibility to write an article with photos for my local newspaper at the same time.  Basically, I am a bit behind the blogging 8 ball, but I will be back to my more punctual self as soon as I can!  Luckily, most of my families have given me permission to share their photos here, so at least you’ll understand what I’m up to.  I love having this photographic side job and try so hard to keep the blog up-to-date, but with these glorious sunshiney days, I have a hard time staying inside to work.  Thanks for your patience and for continuing to enjoy this space; I love creating it for you.

And as a reward, here are some photos to keep you smiling!


Happy summer!

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