Round Here

Round here, we have been picking up the pace.  Out of the house before eight o’clock.  Snacks and water bottles secure in snazzy new backpacks.  Hair cut and styled.  Excitement mounting.  It’s school time.



Yup, the kids are headed to pre-K!

Jax has been an absolute rockstar and even spontaneously thanked JDubbs for sending him to his new school.  He loves it and comes home dirty, exhausted, and delighted.  Em was amazing her first day and I dropped her off without a hitch.  She even asked for a pre-drop-off dance party (to Island Song by Zac Brown Band), which you know made my heart so happy and was an awesome way to start our day and year.  Yesterday, not so much as she literally had to be pried, sobbing, from my arms, but she didn’t hold her breath and pass out, so I will count that as a win for the home team.  Actually, apparently she was fine about two minutes after I left, so next time I will call and check on her so that I don’t waste the morning worrying about her and may get more done than buying consolation cupcakes.  But even the difference in her behavior at the playground on the two days when I picked her up has shown that she is more comfortable. She is playing alongside other kids more, not necessarily with them, but near them, and for that and so many things, I will be grateful.

I am grateful for the fact that we can afford to send our kids to preschool at all, which I know is a luxury.  I am grateful for their intrinsic drive to learn, for Jax’s outgoing and endearing personality (Mom, I made two new friends today!) and for Em’s shy sweetness that will hopefully turn into a comfortable pleasure in her new environment.  Grateful for the alone time with baby H and to be able to run errands with a very happy baby.  All in all, life is good, and I am counting all my many blessings as my babies grow and thrive.

Here’s to a great year to come, and praying for easier drop offs!

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