Christian & Erika Rock Vermont, Part I

This summer we had the pleasure of having our 11-year-old niece and 13-year-old nephew stay with us for an entire week.  JDubbs still had to work–although he took a few days off–but the kids, their cousins, and I did our best to cram an entire summer’s worth of Vermont-rocking fun into one week.  I would say we did a pretty good job at that!

When they arrived, Jax and Em wanted to have a scavenger hunt waiting for them, so we had a treasure map ready with numbered clues that lead to a bunch of fun activities, toys, and books Grammy had picked up in the Target $1 section.



I think having some old-fashioned fun waiting for Christian and Erika when they arrived helped set the tone for the week, because the older kids were ready for adventure and up for anything from day one.

The next day, before my mom and sister left, we all went to the Sundae at David’s House fundraiser at DHMC.  We’ve gone before and I think there is little to nothing better than giving money to an amazing cause while having a great time ourselves!


We met up with some friends and I do not think there was a single unhappy soul there.  What a fabulous day, and all in the name of an incredibly important charity.


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And there is nothing to make tweens happier than the opportunity to sit in the back of a police car and pretend to be arrested–new Facebook profile picture, what?

1Our week was off to a great start!

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