Family Trip To Boston

 Since we would have Baby H in tow, JDubbs and I made the executive decision not to take our kids on a big family vacation this year, as it may have been more trouble than it was meaningful.  We spent a lot of evenings together and enjoyed extended family time in Massachusetts.  However, we did decide that an overnight in Boston would be worth the effort, so one warm day in July we packed up the kids and headed to a great hotel just outside the city.

The first day we took the kids to The Children’s Museum, and aside from the headache of parking a mini-van with a Yakema on top (too tall for parking garages, too long to parallel park), the kids had an absolutely great time.  I love watching their minds at work and their genuine excitement in exploring the world.


Em got stuck on top of the giant scaffolding/climbing apparatus when you first walk in to the museum, which was more amusing than distressing to me since I was nursing the baby and could only watch JDubbs coax her down like a cat in a tree.  Jax climbed up and came right back down, without giving his sister a second glance.  Luckily she finally emerged and seemed completely unfazed; she was ready to rock some virtual dodgeball.


Jax is still talking about this.  I either have to take him back or turn my house into a poor man’s Billie Jean video.  He LOVED it.


Baby H, not so much. But at least she doesn’t fuss.  Such an amazing baby.


 The rest of the day was awesome and the kids had a blast exploring, learning, playing, laughing, and having so much fun.  It was a great way to spend a summer afternoon!


After we checked into the hotel and JDubbs took the big kids for a quick dip in the pool, we took the subway system (known as the “T”) into the city.  Even now my kids talk about the T about once a week, and I think I will save money on parking from now until eternity and just park outside the city and take the T in.  Less hassle and instant family entertainment!


We did lose JDubbs for a quick second when we got off at a non-handicap accessible stop and he had the stroller and all the baby gear.  I took the kids up and out and just assumed he was following me; I was not only wrong, but JDubbs had both my ticket and my cell phone! Luckily, he’s a Boston boy as well so he can take care of himself.


We fed the kids at Dick’s Last Resort in Fanueil Hall, which could have been a disaster, but since the place was empty as it was only five o’clock and my kids (luckily) were on their best behavior, the waitstaff did not harass us but merely mocked us good-naturedly.  I’ll take it.


Princess In Training and My Boogers Taste Great.

After dinner we explored Quincy Market, took in some street performers and bought a few touristy souvenirs.  Jax could not contain the urge to dance when he heard one particular drummer and danced his heart out on the steps of Fanueil Hall.  There was actually a bit of a crowd and someone told me that they enjoyed watching him more than the street performer! I wonder if he is a YouTube sensation somewhere and I just don’t know it…

3I absolutely love introducing my kids to Boston, which will always be my home.  It is such an unbelievable city, and there is without question nowhere I’d rather be on a summer day.  Love making memories with my family!  Could not be happier.

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