Playing In The Public Garden

 The second day of our family trip to Boston was a blazing hot day spent exploring in the beautiful Public Garden.

PicMonkey Collage1

It was so hot that we nixed our plan to walk over to the Boston Common and hit up the Frog Pond and carousel.  We took the kids on the shaded swan boats and pointed out the ducks that live in the pond.  We had read Make Way For Ducklings the night before so Mr. and Mrs. Mallard were fresh in their minds, and the kids were super excited.  It is such a special way to spend a day with family, one that is ingrained in my own early childhood memories.


I think I enjoy it even more than they do!

Afterward we went over to see the statues of Mr. and Mrs. Mallard and all their baby ducklings, from Jack all the way to Quack.  Poor Em–metal statues on a hot summer day don’t really mix well with dresses!  She learned how to sit side-saddle pretty quickly, or to move into the shade!



The kids ate a snack under the shade of a tree and H took a little power nap before we walked up Newbury Street to have lunch with friends.


There’s nothing better than sharing the city I love with the kids I love!  I’m so glad that we made Boston our destination for our family vacation this year.  It’s perfect, even on the hottest of days!

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