Wild & Precious Life

When I was in my twenties, I had a t-shirt that said No Regrets.  It became my mantra as I transitioned from a college girl who thought she had life figured out to someone who had the opportunity to lead a life that was riskier, but reaped infinitely bigger rewards.  The summer before I packed my life in the backseat of my car and moved to California, No Regrets repeated itself over in my head and I had it written on a sticky note on my bedroom mirror.  I also had a quote from The Secret Life of Bees alongside it that read, “Regrets don’t help anything, you know that,”  and so with that in mind I decided to be brave enough to take control of my life and make it the one I had always imagined.

I was recently introduced to another quote by Mary Oliver, and ever since it has resonated with me regarding how I want to live my life and how I would like to raise my children.  I bought a beautiful print of it here and it hangs in Jax and Em’s room so I can remember to shape their lives that way every day, to remind them to live life in a way that inspires happiness and wonder. Lately I’ve even started to consider getting it as a tiny, trailing tattoo somewhere on my body, maybe even around my wrist as a bracelet, so I won’t forget to keep that sentiment in mind.  I could always just get another sticky note–that would be much less painful–but somehow I’d like a permanent reminder to savor life and make the right choices, even if they are difficult ones.  And in a symbolic way, wouldn’t it make sense if that realization is a little painful?

So I ask you, as I ask myself, my favorite question:

Wild & Precious Life

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