A Super Birthday Party

We celebrated my birthday boy this year with a fabulous superhero birthday party.  It had all the bells and whistles of a super celebration, and Jax loved every second of it!

It all started with a fantastic Superhero Invitation, styled to look like an edition of The Daily Planet, inviting people to our house last Sunday.  Jax and his sisters wore their superhero best.


And we had masks of every color for Jackson’s buddies to put on as soon as they arrived.  The masks also served as their party favors, and the kids loved to get into character.  This is especially nice for any friends who aren’t as obsessed with superheroes as a certain five-year-old I know, because they aren’t character-specific.  The kids could pretend to be whoever they wanted, and certainly did!

We feasted on the superheroes’ favorite snacks to get our energy up for the games that would follow.  I had a lot of fun researching these tasty treats!

IMG_4730Superhero Party Food

Once the kids were ready for action, we started with a rendition of musical chairs called Musical Heroes, where the kids walk around on a path of heroes’ photos.  There are enough photos for every kid so there is no jostling for a spot (which could lead to fighting, which I wanted to avoid).  I had a matching hero action figure for every picture, and when the music stopped, I pulled a hero out of a hat and whoever was standing on that hero’s picture was out.  The last hero standing got a prize.Musical Heroes

Then we were alerted to the presence of some “bad guys” (also known as their dads in hoodies and $1 masks) who needed to be captured and wrapped up in streamers.  This was definitely the best part of the party!  The dads performed their parts admirably and the kids loved vanquishing these foes!  They were only released once they agreed to join the good guys’ side.

4 Capture The Bad Guys

Unfortunately, before they were captured the bad guys dropped some balloon bombs in the yard that needed to be diffused.  The kids loved the chance to pop, stomp, jump on, bounce on, or do whatever needed to be done to destroy these bombs!

Diffuse The Bomb Superhero Party Game

Afterwards, they noticed a few more villains lurking in the nearby woods, but luckily we had some water balloons handy to defeat them and make sure they never came back!

Water Balloon Bad Guys

Note to self: packing tape doesn’t work so well on trees.

After the games came cake and presents.



Then time to burn a little more energy before the heroes retired for the day (and maybe a nap).  Hilariously, the kids took some boxes that I had wrapped for a party idea that failed and decided to first demolish them, and secondly, go sledding down our hill in them!  It was a great way to end the party–lots of laughs and smiles!


I think my little superhero was as happy as could be with his superhero party.  The kids all had a lot of fun, and I had fun planning it, too!  Anything to commemorate the biggest hero in my heart!

An awesome superhero birthday party! #games #food #masks #superheroinvitation #costumes #heroes #villains

Time to hero up!

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