Moments Like This

I said that we pulled Em out of her preschool without any preamble, and really, there wasn’t much to the decision.  I noticed that Em was becoming a little less joyful, a little more introverted, and overall not as happy as she was this summer.  When I asked her if she liked school she would say yes in a noncommittal way, and there was no enthusiasm for going or excitement about her day.  This is not a reflection on the school she was attending; she just wasn’t ready.  She wanted to be home with me and her baby sister, and you know what?  She can.  So she is.  And it’s great.


I have the luxury of being home with my kids: JDubbs works incredibly hard to make that possible for all of us.  We have all benefited immeasurably from knowing that we put them first, that I have the time to listen and notice when they are not themselves.  Not to say that working parents can’t do that; I just know myself and I know that I don’t do things halfway.  If I am back in the classroom as a teacher, I won’t be leaving at three, and that’s not the kind of parent I am ready to be.  Right now, I’ll sacrifice some things to be home everyday with my girls, home in the afternoon with the boy.  For moments like this.



 Being able to be home with this one for another year is a gift.  We thought she would follow directly in Jax’s footprints, heading down the exact same path that he took.  But even at three and five years old, no matter how close they are as friends, they are very different, and Em needed to be home a little longer.  She needs a little more time with her mama to strengthen her wings before she leaves the nest.  And I get moments like this, all to myself.



For right now and this year, this is where she belongs.  And today, on Thanksgiving, and every day, I’m grateful for it.  Count your blessings, everyone!  I am so very blessed, and I know it.

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