An Autumn Tree, 2 Ways

Autumn Trees 2 Ways @ Rub Some Dirt On It

I haven’t mentioned it here, but JDubbs and I decided to pull Em out of her preschool.  It just wasn’t a great fit for her personality, and since she has another year of pre-K next year, we thought that extra time home with Mommy and her baby sister (whom she adores) might help her gain the confidence to tackle pre-K next year with a bit more swagger.  She’s doing a couple different classes at The Purple Crayon in Woodstock and I am making an effort to do at least one significant arts and crafts project a week, since she loves getting her hands dirty with paint and cutting with scissors.  I was inspired by a couple different ideas I found here and here to create non-traditional autumn trees–one with the leaves made from stamping with a cork, and one dabbing with Q-tips.  Em is proud to hang her artwork up next to all the creative projects Jax brings home with him from school.  I think it helps her feel a little more like she is keeping up with what Jax is doing, which we all know is key around here.

So basically, we did these on two separate days, one in the afternoon when Jax was home and one just the two of us when H was napping.  I traced a circle for her to keep in mind for the shape of the Q-tips tree, and I wish I had done the same for the cork tree because it became kind of a stamping free-for-all.

Autumn Trees 2 Ways @ Rub Some Dirt On It

I made the trunk and branches first, under her direction. She also insisted we add some purple birds to her tree, and had some leaves falling to the ground.  This Vermont girl knows what autumn looks like, as you can tell from my post the other day.

Q-Tip Autumn Tree @ Rub Some Dirt On It

For the cork tree, again I made the trunks and the kids stamped to their hearts content. I tried to have a different cork for each color so they didn’t get too messed up (and believe me, after days like the other day, plenty of wine has been consumed to make this possible).  Of course in the end they smeared the colors together, but the different corks definitely helped postpone the inevitable.

Cork Autumn Trees @ Rub Some Dirt On It

Cork Autumn Trees @ Rub Some Dirt On It 2Autumn Trees @ Rub Some Dirt On It

What creative ways have you and your loved ones celebrated autumn trees in paint? We still have plenty of time to make more before winter officially arrives!

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