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This last week has been so busy; we spent Thanksgiving in Massachusetts and had a wonderful adventure at the Museum of Science.  I had 8 mini-shoots on Sunday and I nearly finished my Christmas shopping on Cyber Monday!  Things have been great with Em at home, but I do miss those two mornings a week to get stuff done with her at school!  Our mornings are jam-packed with errands, laundry, classes, and cleaning, but sometimes I still find a little energy to be creative in the early afternoon before H goes down for her nap.  So here is a simply busy activity that has helped entertain the big kids when I needed a minute or two to myself!

During quiet time one day the kids were playing with our Duplos; they don’t always hold their attention terribly long, but once I pulled out an old Rub Some Dirt On It favorite–blowing pom poms through a Duplo maze with straws–they were engaged once again! I love it when that happens!

Blowing Poms Through A Duplo Maze @ Rub Some Dirt On It

All I had to do was help them set up a maze (we use Duplos but really, you could use any materials you like),


cut a straw and half and give them each a medium pom pom.  Then they have to blow the poms through the maze using the straw. It’s challenging enough that they are engaged but not frustrating; they only thing I had to do was make sure there were no melt downs when they inevitably knocked a wall over.  Rebuilding the maze in different ways was half the fun!

Blowing Poms Through A Duplo Maze @ Rub Some Dirt On It 2

That’s why I love Pinterest; being able to recycle my ideas from years past helps me remember to do some of the same activities with Em that I did with Jax not too long ago.  Watching them do something again several months later always highlights how much they’ve grown!

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