One Small Moment

Here is one moment of my life encapsulated.  It’s the small, amazing moments like this that make my heart so glad that they’re mine.

A new notebook and markers.



I bought these journals at Walmart for less than $3 each, and the kids absolutely loved them.  They spent 45 minutes drawing and coloring, then dictating to me what I should write underneath each picture.  Suddenly, with a special space to write in, their words seemed so much more important to them!  When they grew tired of that, I gave them a pile of stickers and told them to decorate their covers.  Another 45 minutes of creativity!  Worth every penny.

Em’s First Story.

journal writing @ Rub Some Dirt On It

While they worked I fed the baby her dinner and was rewarded with her sweet self and cheerful disposition.  She is getting so curious and loves to point at every new thing (in this case, my camera).  Oh, and she loves food, too.



Meanwhile, Jax played quietly on the floor with his Cars vehicles.  I thought these might be ready to get packed away, but while we were at the store today we saw a big display of them and Em said, “Jax doesn’t have a little Mater.”  She was right; he has a larger one but not a small one.  She had brought money from her piggy bank to buy a new princess doll (hence the Ode To Ariel above) so I thought I could swing a $3.47 car for Jax.  He spontaneously thanked me about five times over the course of the day and then reinvigorated his love for these cars all evening.

IMG_7739 IMG_7740

Quiet, busy moments can be the sweetest.  I love watching them without them realizing it.  It is such a reward when I remember to be present in the moment and not get distracted with my phone or computer.  Being their mom is a gift that I treasure every day, because everyone keeps telling me, they grow up so fast!

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