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One day I will live close enough to Boston to take advantage of all of its glorious opportunities to learn about our world more frequently.  For now, I will settle for taking our kids into town as often as possible, such as sneaking in a trip to the Boston Museum of Science the day after Thanksgiving with JDubbs, my sister Amanda, and her boyfriend Chris.


If you can believe it, I had never been to the Museum of Science, and I thought it was a fantastic day.  We probably only saw half of all the wonders the museum had to offer; there was just so much to do and see!  There are awesome volunteers who had little experiments on hand that helped extend the learning or make it more accessible to my preschoolers.  Then there were exhibits that were so amazing they needed no explanation, just a moment to stop and consider all the amazing elements at work.





After a trip to the dinosaurs and monkeys, we had dinner overlooking the Charles River and then went back for more.




We had a fantastic time in the butterfly garden, where it was a little too chilly for the butterflies to be super active (their heater wasn’t working properly).  It was actually nice because we were able to get close and really investigate them.  The kids tried to coax them into flying by making butterfly motions with their hands, but no luck.

3 IMG_6884



The only picture of us five–not our best!  But one of my resolutions of 2014 is to be in more photos this year, so my kids can look back on these awesome times together with both me and JDubbs.  Obviously I was there, but I’d like some evidence!

We headed home just as the sun was setting.  One of my favorite times of day in the city.



I love learning alongside my kids and appreciating all the wonders our world has in store for us, from the tiniest butterfly to a monstrous dinosaur.  I think it’s important to show kids how much you can still love learning, even as an adult, and it keeps us young! The best life has to offer.

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