Christmas Blessings

After the weeks of planning, shopping, counting, comparing, hoping, and preparing, Christmas Eve finally arrived, and with it my parents, who were here to spend the night and wake up Christmas morning with us for H’s first time.


We had a mellow afternoon, playing cards and board games while listening to holiday music, aware that soon it would be time to get the kids into their Christmas jammies and tuck them in with the promise of sleigh bells and reindeer.  We watched Santa Clause Is Coming To Town and JDubbs did his annual reading of ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas, for the first time with an audience of three.

IMG_8392 1


In the morning, the big kids waited at the top of the stairs until Daddy said it was time…


and then the glory that is Christmas morning with three kids 5 and under worked its magic on us all.



The kids stopped and appreciated nearly every gift as if it was the most special and amazing thing they’d ever been given.  (Jax did give the one doll we gave him–Prince Phillip to go along with her Princess Aurora–to Em and said he’d just borrow it when he wanted to use it.  Trying to break down gender stereotypes fail).  They were grateful and so excited.  The morning went by slowly and it felt like all those weeks of working and planning were well worth it.

Then JDubbs made breakfast while Grammy watched the baby, I cleaned up and the kids (along with Grampy’s help as a human assembly line) explored their treasures.





After a delicious breakfast, Grammy and Grampy went home to celebrate with the other grandkids and we headed over to JDubbs’s parents’ house for more celebrating and spoiling.



I was even able to get a new family shot.  Trying to be IN the photos more often in 2014, not just behind the camera.


What a fantastic, blessed, amazing Christmas.  So very, very lucky for all that we have and all that we are able to give to our children.

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