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It doesn’t take a scientist to know that it has been bitterly cold across the country lately, and with subzero temperatures comes lots of indoor play.  When the kids started wondering what the magnets Santa left them would stick to around our house, I knew this was an opportunity to turn a five minute passing fancy into some legit learning.  And so we got our science on.

Experimenting With Magnets @ Rub Some Dirt On It

Is it crazy that I want to invest in dress-up lab coats for my kids for days like this?

This isn’t our first foray into the science world–we’ve been blowing stuff up all winter–and my kids are comfortable with the words hypothesis, observation, and conclusion thanks to Sid the Science Kid and Dinosaur Train (shout out to my babysitter PBS).  All we did was make it feel more formal by writing down what materials we were using in our journals and recording our findings with an X or a happy face depending on the outcome.

Magnet Experiment @ Rub Some Dirt On It



So the kids wrote down what kind of material we were testing in their journals, which up until now had been used solely for stories and drawing.  We tested the magnets on wood, plastic, paper, and metal.  Jax’s biggest source of disinterest is in writing, and I never thought he would stick through it to write down all those words.  Maybe I have a future scientist on my hands, but he stuck with the experiment long after Em’s interest had waned and she took to just doodling.




And as we all knew he would, Jax concluded in the end that magnets stick to metal.  He didn’t want to write all that himself, so he passed the baton.  I was happy; I couldn’t believe how seriously he had taken the entire experiment and was proud of all his effort.


Mommy’s Conclusion:  Maybe science isn’t so bad after all?

So how are you exploring your world this winter?

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