Sight Words Mix-Up Cups

Em has recently asked me to teach her to read, and she is picking it up incredibly well; she is also not the type of kid who wants to stare at flash cards (unlike her brother). I found this idea to do a sight word mix-up game here and gave it a try with both her and Jax.  It was a huge hit!

I wrote words on the outside of paper cups that Em is comfortable reading and others that are slightly challenging.  I made separate cups for Jax with words at his level.  I enticed the kids to come with the offer of a snack, then lined three cups up on the table and hid one of our little Schleich animals underneath one of them like an old-fashioned parlor trick.




The kids had to read the cups, then guess which cup had the duck underneath.  If they were right, they got a Teddy Graham.  If they were wrong, I moved the duck and they tried again.


They really loved it and played much longer than I anticipated!  They ate their entire snack piece-by-piece at the table while practicing Em’s sight words.  She even told me she really loved this game.  And it’s one you can do again and again if you hold onto those cups until the kids master those particular sight words, then make some new ones!  A great way to keep learning fun (and tasty)!

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