Butcher Paper Map

My little guy has a BIG imagination.  There is really nothing that I enjoy more than listening to Jax narrate his Playmobil battles, superhero conquests, or construction at the Hess vehicle work site.  One thing that can make him lose interest, though, is his lack of setting–while he’s comfortable helping his imaginary comrades have lengthy conversations, he often lacks spontaneity in the turn-this-table-into-a-battleship arena.  He’d rather me just buy him a battleship, and Mommy isn’t always in the mood to drag castles and whatnot up and downstairs.  So sometimes I need to orchestrate a little playspace to let his imagination run wild–and to help his independent play last a little longer!

Butcher Paper Town @ Rub Some Dirt On IT

So this time I used our trusty butcher paper–which has given us so many hours of fantastic play–and we made a map of our town.  Just the major landmarks and thoroughfares, with friends’ houses and ours clearly marked so that we could better coordinate the troops, who were apparently preparing for some sort of invasion.  The two of us did it together, which was a very cool conversation about what goes where and eventually I hope soon he’ll be able to write the words himself.

Butcher Paper Town @ Rub Some Dirt On IT

He had the most hilarious ideas–and requests!–determining that the best place to house the troops was the local elementary school, the rendezvous point should be the town square,  and of course he determined that the best place to trap bad guys was on the ski lift of the local ski hill.  One bad guy per lift, then he would trap them all up in the air.  A keen strategist, that Jax.


Butcher Paper Town @ Rub Some Dirt On IT

He even knew when to call in the cavalry.


Finally, after he exhausted all his creative fun, I simply folded the butcher paper town and stored it away for another day, another battle.  I saved myself a little time and energy for next time, and Jax and I had a lot of fun working and talking together.  Reason #3870 why every house needs a roll of butcher paper for hours of creative fun, and yet another opportunity to listen to my boy and his always entertaining narrations!

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