Learning To Read With Spelling Puzzles

Em is still learning to read, and I am still trying new ways to keep her interested since she absolutely loves doing puzzles and all things fine motor.  It was a huge success for both kids, as Jax couldn’t resist the lure of a new game (and to teach her everything he knows).


So basically Em and I put together a dollar store puzzle, and then I flipped over chunks of it and wrote the words she’s working on the back, one letter per piece.  Then I highlighted them in different colors so she would be able to find the ones which go together easily since there were so many of the same letters for the different words (several a’s and t’s, for example).1

Once she had the three letters of the same color, she had to assemble them correctly to read the word.  It was a fun way to sneak some literacy into an activity she was completely intrigued about–doing a puzzle upside down so she had to put it together without seeing the picture?  She loved the challenge, and Jax had a lot of fun helping her with the words.

Spelling Puzzles @ Rub Some Dirt On It

He even put them in word family groups (-at words, -ar words, etc) in the end.  Well, knowing Jax, of course he did.


Isn’t learning fun?

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