A Faux Photo Shoot

I booked a photo shoot in February at an indoor location I had never used before, so of course I wanted to scope out the light at that time of day with my camera (and my girls).  As luck would have it, the light was lovely and so were they.


I always lean toward high contrast black and white when capturing a “moment” rather than a portrait.  Black and white says timeless, and these moments between Em and H will always make me smile as it encapsulates their budding friendship and happiness together.  Quintessential sisters.

PicMonkey Collage

I also like black and white for a straight on portrait every now and then, too.  Especially backlit.



There’s always room for color, too, especially with Em’s coloring.  I truly do not know where this little beauty came from, but I am so glad not just that she’s mine, but that she is such a willing little model.  Call it photographic selfishness.


For moments like this.


When she takes my breath away!

Quite a photo shoot, for a casual winter’s morning.

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