Eventually she will sleep with a pillow and a comforter, and we will fight about how many books I read and whether or not she is really tired.


Eventually she will be able to climb in and out of her bed at will, instead of calling to us from the end of her crib, bouncing and smiling and chewing on her rails, yelling, “Da Da! Da Da!” because she knows he’s a sucker and is so much more fun at 6 am.


Eventually she may not sleep with her blankie, and she won’t be sleeping in feetie pj’s.  She may even be sharing a room with her sister.


She won’t always sleep with her butt in the air and her feet crossed, as she does now, every time.  Eventually she won’t ask for me to tuck her in and will learn to sleep with the lights off.


So for now I will delight in it all while I can.  Because there is absolutely nothing more amazing and perfect than a sleeping baby.  Especially mine.

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