Literacy Letters & Snippy Straws

Today I am going to share two simply busy ideas that will keep your kids quiet and happy, with their fingers busy and their brains learning, with materials you definitely have in your home!

Literacy Letters & Snippy Straws

The first activity is one we have done before, but which bears repeating.  Using salt or flour (we’ve done both) in a container of any sort, let your kids explore with their fingers and eventually move to tracing letters, numbers, shapes… The possibilities are truly endless!

IMG_9022 tracing letters in flour

I love this Montessori-style approach; it’s low risk and high reward.  If the kid messes up, they just wipe the slate clean and try again!  And it’s always helpful to have an example for them to look at, no matter how old they are.


Another great idea for quiet, simple fun is to let them use those scissors they always want to get their hands on and cut colorful drinking straws.  It’s really as simple as that!

Snipping Straws @ Rub Some Dirt On It

Snipping Straws @ Rub Some Dirt On It

There is something incredibly satisfying about the snip! of a straw when it’s cut, as promised here.  The kids did this for two straight days, collecting the pieces in bowls, and then the following day Em strung the pieces onto yarn for a necklace.  A quiet activity that keeps on going!

String Snipped Straws For A Necklace

Teaching the kids to have fun on their own, exploring different textures and using their hands to learn are all awesome reasons to give these simple activities a try.  We definitely will be doing them again very soon!

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