Plastic Eggs For Literacy (Repost)

 Yes, I am reposting this from last year, not because I don’t have anything to say, but because I’m pretty damn proud of these great literacy and math ideas!  Not to mention color recognition, fine motor skills…you get the point.  Read on and be glad you did, preschool parents.

(2013) The other day Em and I were putting away groceries when she discovered a bag of plastic Easter eggs that I had saved with some preschoolish activities in mind and forgotten.  So I pulled them out and repeated an activity I did with Jax a couple years back that was such a hit, I knew she’d enjoy it.

Easter Egg Literacy Games @ Rub Some Dirt On It

First I created a matching game by writing upper case and lower case letters on either side of an egg, then breaking them apart.  Her job was to scan all the eggs and find a match.


Some potential mishaps to be aware of: lower case y and h look a lot alike when turned upside down.  Probably should have made them different colors to help her notice they are not the same.


 Also, lower case b, p, q, and g are easily confused–make sure you choose different color eggs for each.  Same for w and m.


In the end you will have a rainbow of literacy that will be as much a reward for you as for them!  It’s quite an achievement!

Now when big brother came home, I had put a few eggs aside as a challenge for him (with a little fine motor skills work thrown in as a bonus).  We have made compound word eggs in the past, but this time I had a couple different ideas–number literacy and rhyming.

For Jax, I put numbers on either side of an egg, so that when I called out a number he could spin it to find the correct number.  Really helps for the confusion of “Is thirty-one 1-3 or 3-1?”


And another fun thing to do–similar to the Word Family Driving Game we played this winter–is to put the ending of common words (like -op, -ar, -it, -at) on one side of the egg and a list of letters that form a word on the other side.  These words are all in the same word family and rhyme, which is a fun and important skill to play with.


Rhyming Eggs @ Rub Some Dirt On It

All this upcycled fun with eggs you would have thrown away anyhow, or can pick up for a quarter the week after Easter!  Enjoy some time with your little ones, learning as you go!

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