Rainbow Scavenger Hunt

Pulled out an old favorite last week–looking for rainbows inside before it was warm enough to go looking for them ourselves outside!

Hunting Rainbows @ Rub Some Dirt On It

Here’s how you do it.  You write the names of all colors across a sheet of paper, and then give the kids a time limit to find as many colorful objects that they can.  You know I love a touch of literacy as an added bonus.


Anything with a timer makes even the simplest game more fun!


Little H happened to have a lot of rainbow-colored blocks and toys handy so it wasn’t exactly challenging, but they liked it all the same.




Colors, shapes, counting (which pile has most? which pile has least? why do we have so many purple and red things?) and reading all rolled into one activity.  With three kids at home while Jax has vacation this week, we may have to try this again very soon!

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