Cool! A Frozen Birthday Party!

As with all little girls her age, Em is fully and completely in love with the movie “Frozen” and all things Anna and Elsa.  So it came as no surprise when she asked for a Frozen-themed birthday party last month when she turned four.  The tricky thing is that Disney apparently wants to keep Frozen in super-low supply and high demand, so finding anything Frozen at a regular party store is as likely as adopting a pet unicorn.  That doesn’t slow this mama down, though.  I’m cool like that.  Pun intended.

Frozen Birthday Party decor


I found some great Frozen-inspired food ideas, including Sven’s Antlers (pretzels), Olaf Noses (carrot sticks), Hershey’s Hugs (with a Hi! I’m Olaf and I like warm hugs! sign), and as much white and powdery food as I could find.  Don’t forget the sparkly snow confetti!

Frozen birthday party food ideas

Frozen bday party food ideas

Do you want to build a snowman?

Speak of the devil.


Lastly, all I required was to transform Em into Elsa.  I found a beautiful Frozen-inspired headband on Etsy, and my sister gave Em the perfect Elsa french braid.

Frozen-inspired bday hair


After that she felt practically royal!


After that she was ready for a rousing (and absolutely amusing for everyone involved) game of Pin The Carrot On Olaf!  She cut out construction paper carrot noses for everyone who would be at the party (which was great because no one could deny her when she handed them a carrot with their name painstakingly written by her on the back), so everyone could join the fun!

Pin the Carrot On Olaf! A great Frozen bday party game! #frozen #frozenparty #frozenbdayparty #frozengames Pin the Carrot On Olaf! A great Frozen bday party game! #frozen #frozenparty #frozenbdayparty #frozengames


The videos were hilarious.  I had forgotten how much fun this party game could be!

We spent the rest of the afternoon hanging with family as Em opened her presents.

IMG_9580 IMG_9587 IMG_9590

IMG_9599 IMG_9650

And of course there was cake!


Just a regular homemade cake, with her Magiclip Anna and Elsa dolls for flair!

Frozen Birthday Party Cake

It was a wonderful time for everyone there, and as always, we are grateful to family for making the trip and for such thoughtful gifts!


This birthday girl certainly thought it was a super cool day!


Happy birthday to our little princess!

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