Throwback To Babyhood

I just spent so much time trying to find a post that should have been written last spring, only to discover, I never wrote it!  I can’t believe I never shared these photos of my three babies when Little H was just so new and such a wonder to us all.  Looking back on them has been a lovely break from a busy day.  It’s the small, simple blessings that make me grateful for these three, watching them learn to love each other and the joy of watching the big kids grow into new, big sibling shoes.  A year has passed since I took these, but it only serves to remind me of how we have all grown, literally and as a family.

IMG_5961-2 IMG_5967-2 IMG_5972-2  IMG_5994-2 IMG_6002-2



IMG_6039 IMG_6042

Counting my blessings.



One, two, three.

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