A Dino Named Sue

One of the highlights of our summer has been getting up close and personal with a local T-Rex named Sue.  I mean, really close.  It’s been awesome.


This isn’t our first foray into the world of fossils, but having Sue in our own backyard where we can visit her as often as we like (total visits as of now: 2) is something special.  Oh, and by the way, we didn’t name her Sue.  That’s her official name.  Although, as JDubbs liked to point out, the paleontologists’ initial diagnosis was incorrect, and it is actually a male tyrannosaurus skeleton.  So, in fact, she is a boy named Sue!

After getting our fill of dino-fun, it was business as usual at the Montshire, where Little H is now old enough to do more than just observe, but can actually participate in all that the museum has to offer.  Overall, I’d say she is a fan.  She could have just stayed right here all day, rolling golf balls down ramps.  Note to self: add PVC pipe to her Christmas list.


But we did venture outside and explore some of the excellent water fun, and as always, my dorky heart goes pitter-patter watching my kids embrace the opportunities to explore their world around them .

2 IMG_3060 IMG_3064


Nice to meet you, Sue!  We’ll be back!

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