One of the best parts of being on vacation with my little family was how JDubbs was there to help, and thus I was freed up more often to spend time with one child at a time (a luxury I don’t often have).  In turn, I felt like Jax was a bit more interested in hanging out with Dad, so I had a lot of time with just me and my girl Em.



Over the course of the days together, experiencing new things and going new places, I couldn’t believe how daring Em had become.  She was the first to flip over a shell to pick up a hermit crab, my partner-in-crime on the ferris wheel, and the second day we were there, she was determined to skip down the entire length of the Drakes Island jetty.  And I mean literally skip.  I am pretty sure that jaunt took ten years off my life as I clung to her hand like an anchor and she pulled me along as fast as her Crocs would take her.


The thing about Em is that she is incredibly klutzy, but there she was leaping nimbly from rock to rock, excited to reach her goal and explore life as far out in the ocean as she dared.  We passed fishermen, sunbathers, and people who were adventurers just like we were; I couldn’t believe my little girl wanted to take those leaps and pass them all.  She was so brave.


At the end, we tried to take a selfie with my 50mm lens (not possible).


She asked me take a picture of her standing at the end instead.  Believe me, my heart was pounding as I stepped away from her, as if a great white shark was going to leap over the jetty and snap her up in one gulp; I don’t think I’ve ever taken a picture so quickly!  But she wanted the shot to commemorate her achievement, so I had to trust her to not spontaneously throw herself overboard and let her be proud.


Over and over that week, I marveled at how my girl has grown.  I know it’s just something I’m going to have to get used to.

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