Play Ball!

Since moving to Vermont, we have made some really great friends with whom we have tons of fun and have built some fantastic traditions (apple picking, Christmas party, dinners out–to name a few).  This summer we embarked on something different: an attempt to get eleven kids under six to play an organized sport.  Incredibly ambitious of us, to be sure!


I wouldn’t say it was successful, but I think everyone involved would say it was a lot of fun!




At first, we tried to get the kids to actually bat and attempt to field the balls hit by their friends.  That didn’t work so much.  However, when we had the Daddies hit in kind of a home run derby with the kids fielding fly balls and basically running the bases as they pleased, we suddenly had a feeling of baseball in the air!

2 IMG_5569


I had fun just sitting in the infield and trying to capture the hilarious nature of little boys who were taking this very seriously and little girls who cared not at all.

1 IMG_5644


2 IMG_5616

Once the kids lost interest in the game, we headed over to the playground and let them just play before it was time to head home.

IMG_5700 IMG_5703


I think this may have to be another tradition!  There was something fun in it for everyone, even the grown-ups!  Fun in the summer sun!

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