Daddy’s Kind Of Craft

A week or two ago JDubbs came home from Home Depot with one of those elaborate jack-o-lantern kits that make your pumpkin look like one of your kids’ favorite characters or a really intricate Halloween scene.  I gave it one glance and decided I wanted nothing to do with that.  I figured he bought it, he could get elbow-deep in a pumpkin and then meticulously cut away at minute details of Elsa and Anna’s eyebrows.  So one evening, he and the big kids gave it a shot, while Mommy looked on from a safe distance from the pumpkin guts.


Both kids were really brave about sticking their hands in the pumpkin, but I did especially love Em’s slightly squeamish expressions.



Jax and JDubbs do a lot of things together, but I do love the bond that exists between JDubbs and Em.  She is a very girly four-year-old, but often she is the one who volunteers to help Daddy out with his projects, like boiling syrup and in this case, carving pumpkins.


But after a while even she got tired of the process and abandoned JDubbs to his drudgery.  It took forever!  At one point I went into the kitchen and asked JDubbs how it was going.

Tedious,” he replied.

Yeah,” I said.  “I was surprised you wanted to do that.”

“Hey, leave me alone,”  he said with an air of self-righteous defensiveness.  “I’m doing a craft.”

IMG_98821 (2)

You sure did, babe!  Not everyone has the tenacity to stick with a project like that.  Well done!  Em loves her Cinderella jack-o-lantern!

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