Turning Six

Every year I take the kids out to take birthday photos of them, and usually I just go to any old spot where I can get some good shots that help capture who they are at this age.  This year, as Jax turns six, I asked him where he thought we should go and he suggested his school, which has become the center of our daily solar system and where he is so happy.  He is especially happy in his outdoor classroom, where he spends every Monday morning learning, observing, building, and being an overall great kid.  So that’s where we went.


This is no measly campfire; this is a sophisticated civilization in the woods outside his school, complete with his favorite “sit spot,” shelters, climbing rock and even a bathroom!  I loved watching him as he explained to me what he saw around him, why he loves the forest, what he has learned.  It is an incredible opportunity for him to learn this way.

IMG_9949 IMG_9955 IMG_99602

It’s incredible for us as his parents to watch him grow into the boy he was meant to become.



Before we left the forest, he picked up a bunch of acorns and acorn hats, which we used back at the school to make the number 6 outside his classroom door.



It was the perfect setting to tell his story.



This goofy, silly, smart, interesting, driven, happy, loving, darling boy, who blessed us six years ago as he joined our family, helping us begin to craft the story of our family.


Loving learning, loving life.

IMG_0102 IMG_0109

Ready to take on the world.


Happiest of birthdays to my best boy, Jax.  The coolest kid I know.

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