Dress Up Dance Party

 Little H never liked to dress up.  She’d see adorable bumblebee antennae or a princess crown and go screaming in the other direction–literally.  Hence her Halloween costume was a cozy fox-eared sweatshirt.  But on a random evening in November, when Em was doing her usual princess from head-to-toe routine, Little H became intrigued.  It must have been the shoes.  Shoes are big for the ladies in my house.



Suddenly I had two princesses on my hands, and everyone was so excited, we had to do a happy dance.


It was a glimpse of a life to come, where Em isn’t just babysitting Little H or keeping tabs on her for me.  They’re playing together, having genuine fun together, truly becoming friends.


And if that doesn’t deserve another dance party, I don’t know what does!


Even big brother (or should I say Iron Patriot) couldn’t resist joining in the fun.

Ring Around The Rosie, anyone?


Dressing up and dancing?  I think I’m going to enjoy watching these three play this winter!

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