Life: Winter Break

Week one of Winter Break is in the books and it has been quite tumultuous.  Not only have we been enjoying the everyday pleasures of being trapped in a small house with five people and a dog, we were also blessed with a lingering stomach flu that kept JDubbs home from work to help take care of the kids and my mom away on Christmas Eve even though her plan was to spend the night and wake up with us Christmas morning.  We have also traveled through three states, spent two nights at relatives’ houses, attended one and a half Christmas parties and had our photo in two newspapers.  It’s been festive, albeit hectic, to say the least.

So since I was up to my ears in stomach flu, I didn’t do anything noteworthy at home other than pull off a stupendous Christmas, but we did have a great day or two before that!

We attended the Upper Valley Waldorf School Winter Fair, one of my absolute favorite pre-Christmas celebrations.


We met the Snow Queen and visited the jungle in a gnome tent, and picked treasures from the Pocket Lady.  We couldn’t stick around to welcome King Winter before Em and I had to go to The Nutcracker, but it was worth the quick visit!

1 IMG_2626

Em and Little H have been thick as thieves lately, and I must admit that I really love it.  Having two sisters myself, I know there’s nothing better.

IMG_3008-2 IMG_3014-2 IMG_3018-2 3

We also made a hand print wreath for my grandmother’s scrapbook the family is putting together as her Christmas gift.  It came out so cute–I think I’m going to make one for myself next year!

Handprint holiday wreath @ Rub Some Dirt On It

Now that our travels are over, the new toys have been unpacked and stored in their bedrooms, our routine can get back to normal for this last week of vacation.  I hope to have much more to share from our adventures soon!

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