Good Clean Fun!

If there’s one thing I’ve learned after years of admiring Waldorf education, it’s that sometimes the simplest tasks are the most fulfilling for young kids, especially ones that emulate their parents’ daily routines.  Good clean fun.


So when we were on the tail end of the sickness that never seemed to end and still weren’t leaving the house, I busted out our awesome washing aprons and let the girls go crazy “washing” dishes (spoons, servingware, measuring cups).  The teamwork was really adorable to see–taking turns rinsing things, holding the washcloth, placing them in the stainer–and it kept them busy for quite a while!

IMG_4722 IMG_4730

In fact, we did it again the next day, and Jax and Em washed all of their toy animals that night!  All in all, we literally had hours of fun thanks to the simple joy of everyday things.

1 IMG_4731 IMG_4741 IMG_4746

And sisters.  The joy of doing anything with sisters is always immeasurable!

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