In their guest bedroom, my in-laws have silhouettes from Disneyland of their three children from when they were very young.  I’ve always loved looking at the way the boys’ hair sticks up in the back or the curve of their chins and noses.  It wasn’t until we had a spectacular sunset at their house one winter night–when the sun was setting around five o’clock–that I realized I could try to do that, too, for my kids and JDubbs’s brother’s.  Five cousins, five silhouettes.  Maybe they could hang upstairs besides the older generations’!

So I called in Jax and Em, my two brainwashed children who think strange photographic requests are normal everyday occurrences for all children.  I found a window with a clear shot of the setting sun, propped them up on a stool, and shot away.

silhouettes @ Rub Some Dirt On It

I love looking at their profiles!  And the same elements that struck me in JDubbs’s and his siblings’ photos make me so happy here: the curve of their noses, the shadow of their hair, their sweet little mouths and noses.

Then I begged my niece, nephew and Little H to do the same, although what I didn’t realize was that the older kids’ height was distracting me from the unsightly pile of snow right beyond the window.  Plus, Stella’s chin gets lost a little in the landscape behind.  Not my perfect backdrop.  But at least they were willing to humor me and give it at try!  Now I know how to shoot it and what to avoid in the future.  Although the snow pile does hide a bit of Little H’s mullet…


I want to try this again without the snow, but by then daylight savings will happen and the little girls may not be able to make it to sunset.  I’ll have to find another way to make these photos happen because they really are special and sweet!  They’ll make a great gift for my in-laws, but also a treasure for me!  I think we just need a little less snow and a little more height to get the photos just right.


Because when they are just right, it’s pretty magical.

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