Exploring An Ice Castle

JDubbs and I took our big kids to a very special place last month, someplace that would resonate with Em’s inner Elsa and that would be a gigantic frozen playground for my outdoorsman Jax.  There are a few manmade ice castles popping up over the country, and I just knew that finding the one nearest us would be worth the trip.

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We went with friends to Stratton, Vermont, and got there early enough so that it wouldn’t be too freezing and the kids could explore all the amazing nooks and crannies a life-sized ice castle provides.  There were underground tunnels, towers with viewing platforms, a wishing well and an ice luge just perfect for sliding.

IMG_5772 IMG_5781

I was fascinated by the structures and formations within the castle–little walkways and archways connecting this area to that.  Lots of places for the kids to run and hide, and not surprisingly, an excellent game of hide-and-seek ensued, and we did lose one kid for a short amount of time.  But like all big adventures with young children, they will always add a bit of excitement when you least expect (or want) it!  This parenthood thing is not for the faint of heart, or the thin-blooded!


As always, the kids seemed impervious to the cold, and the adults were ready to head inside for some warm food and a cold beer before they were ready to call it quits.


We were finally able to call it a day once the sun set and the light show began (which was worth the wait), all set to childhood favorite songs such as “Let It Go.”  Of course.

IMG_5804 IMG_5814 IMG_5817

It was great to get the big kids to ourselves and they were really good sports about the long drive and the even longer wait for dinner.  I am thankful we took a family day over February break–I think it needs to be a family tradition!  Making memories and exploring icy new terrains–just another day in the life in Vermont!

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