Sniff Sniff Sniffing

One of those amazing things about photography is how, ten years from now, I hope that I can look at these photos and remember Little H and her oh-so-strange sleepy habits.  She is 100% a Blankie sniffer. Whenever I wash it, she sniffs it as soon as it comes out of the dryer, giving it her olfactory seal of approval.  That is funny enough, but nothing compares to when she is sleepy.  When she gets tired, Blankie goes right up to her nose and she sniff sniff sniffs nonstop.


She does a weird humming thing, too, like, “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm,” all the while sniff sniff sniffing.


When she is really, really tired, she will often take the corner and run it between her fingers, or even sometimes rub it against her eye.  Like her eyeball.  I have no photos of that because I think it is super gross.  I will just remember it fondly through my words, not my images.

She is one sweet little baby, who just so happens to turn two tomorrow.

IMG_5738-2 IMG_5742-3

I never ever want to forget anything about Little H that makes her adorably her.  I love you, little Blankie Sniffer.

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