The Beauty In The Everyday

Ever since I admitted to myself who I am as a photographer–a lifestyle photographer who captures everyday moments and who is happiest appreciating the smallest details in life–I have felt such a pleasure in developing that style and not feeling like I have to be something I am not.  In turn, my Inspired Life 365 Project has given me ample opportunity to practice this style indoors and out, in all kinds of light and with a real variety of subjects.  A lot of the time I have an idea about what type of photo I want to shoot on a given day, but some days are more difficult than others.  Looking back on the past two months’ photos, I realize I have a tried and true subject that I fall back on when nothing else jumps out at me: capturing Little H while she naps.  And I’m okay with that.

IMG_4859 IMG_4863

At first I felt like I was cheating, doing the same subject more than once.  But now I realize, this is a challenge!  How many ways can I photograph the same child in the same crib in the same cluttered bedroom?  What perspectives can I shoot?  What different editing styles can I try?

IMG_5878 IMG_5877 IMG_5879

It’s actually giving me a bit more confidence as a few indoor shoots loom on the horizon in March, and it serves as a good reminder to me that parents love photos of their kids just as they are.  The way they sleep, the way they eat, their crazy smile or their tiny toes.  People want photographs to remember every stage and every child, how they were unique and especially theirs.  Like how a baby might sleep with their butt in the air.  Who would want to forget that?

IMG_6012 IMG_6014

It’s not cheating to photograph the same thing over and over.  It’s finding the beauty in the everyday.

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