Round Here

Round here we just got a bonus 3″ of snow dropped on us, right before spring break when the temperatures are supposed to reach the high 60’s.  Round here I am training for my first ever road race (a 5k), and JDubbs and I are counting the days until we escape to Puerto Rico at the end of the month.   Round here I am spending this weekend photographing 8 gorgeous families in my spring mini sessions.  Round here JDubbs has been wrangling all three of our kids on his own more often than usual, and while I am away he’s going to try to boil some of his homemade maple syrup.  Round here we still play indoors a lot, but we are seeing glimpses of spring that give us hope.

Round here…

…we have some inquisitive (and hungry) neighbors who like to visit for lunch.


…we don’t always love doing homework (but we do it anyway).

IMG_6055 IMG_6059

…we make our own rainbows.

IMG_6121 IMG_6132


…we read (a lot).

IMG_6140 (2) IMG_8350-2


…we smile a lot, too.

IMG_6434-2 IMG_6457

…we love Mickey.



…we are artists.

IMG_7776 PicMonkey Collage

Round here things are looking good.  Spring is so close we can almost feel the sunshine on our shoulders.  Next week we have nine entire days for adventures.  I’m looking forward to expanding the limits of our daily life, but this little world we have created in our home is just lovely, too.  No matter what I used to think about this life in Vermont, I realize now that life round here is pretty damn good.

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