Rise And Shine

I probably shouldn’t say this out loud because then I am inviting Mommy Karma to come down and punish me, but Little H is still such a rockstar napper.  At 26 months, she is still napping hard, barely making it through Em’s preschool drop-off before heading straight home and up to bed.  Probably once per week she falls asleep on the way home and does the completely-unconscious-dead-body transfer, where she is so completely asleep I can barely carry her inside.

She wakes up easy, too, ready to rejoin the world and go get brother and sister and have some fun!


One day I happened to have my camera on my shoulder when I went into her room to get her.  She was so sweet and smiley, and even though I only had my 85mm lens so I was literally pressed up against the opposite wall, I got some shots to remember what her sweet, freshly woken face looks like.  Crazy hair and all!

IMG_0739PicMonkey Collage


IMG_0697PicMonkey Collage2IMG_0717

Ah, this is what having that last baby a few years later is all about.  This time in Em’s life is such a blur; I was just surviving!  But with Little H, I am savoring every moment of her growing up.  And I hope she continues to nap like this for a long, long time!

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