Ebb and Flow

Summer vacation is here and our days have really slowed down: casual afternoons at the lake, spur-of-the-moment trips for ice cream, lazy mornings after late nights.  I think the reason I haven’t gone crazy with three kids at home is because our weekends have been packed to the brim with family, friends and getaways, traveling every weekend so far this month.  Looking forward to some time at home, but happy I’m able to capture these small moments with my three before the pace of summer picks up.  The pace of summer is one of my favorite parts of the season, how a slow morning in pajamas can be followed by a sing-a-long at the library, pizza with friends and then riding bikes until dark.  I love how summer is both fast and slow.

So around here we are enjoying…

…playing with my photography (especially my 365 project), challenging myself to shoot and edit in different ways, especially when inside.

IMG_2100 IMG_2114

…Little H growing into a real ham, hands on cheeks when distressed.  “Oh no!”


…spending time with family (and sharing some family resemblance).

IMG_2227 IMG_2229

…spring concerts and spring dresses.


…bright colors (in all things, but especially our t-shirts and our crayons).

IMG_4433 IMG_4435

Enjoying the summer, enjoying each other, enjoying the ebb and flow of our days.

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