Fingerprint Garden Art

The day before my birthday last week, Jason picked the big kids up from school and they went out to do some last minute shopping.  That left me and the baby with nowhere to go after nap, a luxury for us after I had to wake her up so many times over the school year to get to pick-up on time.  My tired self was voting for an extra episode of Paw Patrol, but I knew that a quiet afternoon with just us two (a glimpse into what life will be like this fall!) was so special it deserved a little effort.

It was a toss-up between painting and Play-Doh, two activities Hannah loves that I am guilty of avoiding because it takes a lot of work to set up for two or three kids.  Since I would pretty much rather do anything than clean teeny pieces of Play-Doh up for the next several days, I busted out the art supplies and an old favorite craft–using hand and thumbprints to create a garden scene–and I’ve never seen Hannah so thrilled to have me to herself.


First, you draw or paint some stems for flowers.  Knowing Hannah is a painting novice, I didn’t want her to inevitably smudge the stems as she painted.  So I drew them with marker, which I think helped her understand what we were trying to do and kept the garden from getting too smudged too quickly. Then she was “all thumbs,” in the very best way, to make colorful flowers.

Thumbprint Flowers @ Rub Some Dirt On It

We had to take a short break from our plan for some less structured paint time, because she was getting antsy to just dive into the paints with more than just one finger!  Five will do!


IMG_4202 IMG_4203IMG_4217

Once I got her back on track, I asked her what we needed in our garden.  We agreed no June garden is complete without sunshine, so a handprint sun was born. Just make several handprints on top of each other to make the rays.

Handprint Sun @ Rub Some Dirt On It

Lastly we added some bumblebees (a Little H favorite)…


…and our glorious garden was complete!

Fingerprint Art @ Rub Some Dirt On It

A beautiful product created from some truly beautiful time together, just me and my littlest girl.  She deserves just as much energy as the other two received at her age.  I’m looking forward to being reinvigorated by her enthusiasm as she grows, spending time with just me and my girl!

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