It’s Game Time!

Okay, enough practicing.  It’s game time!

Em’s ballet conflicted with t-ball so I didn’t make it to all Jax’s games, but the ones I did were so priceless I can’t wait for next year when Em can play, too!  Jax was very excited and passionate about being on the team, and I know that a lot of that had to do with his excellent coach, who did such a great job teaching them the foundation and love of baseball while still having lots of fun.


My favorite part was watching Jax at first base, trying so valiantly to do what he knew he was supposed to do, even if his body may not have the coordination to keep up with his brain yet.  He’s got time, and meanwhile, watching his eager and overzealous effort was delightful.


Of course, there’s nothing cuter than little guys wearing gigantic batting helmets.  Unless it’s a little guy wearing a gigantic batting helmet with his shirt tucked in “just so” (by Dad) to his regulation gray baseball pants, cinched right above his very first pair of cleats.  My heart explodes just a little looking at him.

IMG_1393 IMG_1399

He has a good little swing and loves running the bases!  He is (not surprisingly) a bit of an aggressive base runner, so he often tries to stretch a single into a double…even if there is a kid still on second base.  Like I said, he’ll get there.


Add to all that the joy of being on a team, rooting for one another and learning to be a good sport, these Saturdays in spring were some of my favorite parenting days yet!


Go Lions!

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