Em’s First Dance Performance

I was asked if I wouldn’t mind to take some photos at the Lebanon Ballet School’s final performance in June, and since Em would be showcasing everything she has learned over the course of her many classes this year, I was happy to oblige so that I could a) challenge myself to get some quality photos indoors under fluorescent lights but also b) so Em could see me and her family front and center when she stood in front of the crowd to perform.  Taking photos of the dancers was so interesting because of the challenges posed; I used the only zoom lens in my camera bag, my Tamron 24-75mm, and was pleased with the results.

IMG_3815 PicMonkey Collage

But in truth, I only had eyes for one prima ballerina.

IMG_3729 IMG_3735IMG_3717

I was so proud of my girl!  Being in the same space where she has her classes, wearing her usual leotard really helped her feel less anxious.  She was excited to show what she has learned, especially in front of her big brother, and did her very very best.


Her group was able to come up three times, and every time she seemed more comfortable.  In between she would sit with Jax and Little H, watching the older girls dance and probably imagining what it will be like when it’s her turn to be the Sugar Plum Fairy.  I think having her very own cheering section in the front row, familiar faces proud and cheering her on, really helped her to shine.

IMG_3826 IMG_3871IMG_4024

Afterward, JDubbs brought the other kids and Auntie Jenny home while I stayed with the star for some celebratory cake and her share of congratulations to the entire ensemble.

Photo Jun 05, 7 30 27 PM

You have come so far and grown so much, my darling Em!  We couldn’t be more proud!

Photo Jun 05, 7 35 03 PM

We love you, our beautiful dancer!

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